Ginger Beer

Due to the perpetually dry climate, Botswana imports 90% of the country’s food. The other 10% is primarily cattle – there are actually more cows than there are people in Botswana! For this reason, groceries such as fruit juices and sodas are rather expensive. As a more economical alternative, many families make their own drink called “ginger beer”. The other day, Nosa taught me how to prepare this drink, so I have included a rough recipe below:

1. Fill a large, barrel-sized bucket with boiling water (you do not need to boil the water if you add a packet of yeast instead)

2. Add 1.5 boxes of ginger powder, a packet of tartar acid, and 2.5 kg of brown sugar

3. Stir until completely dissolved

4. *OPTIONAL* Add raisins or small pieces of fruit (i.e. apple chunks or lemon slices)

5. Allow to sit for 12 hours before drinking

Many families have different or multiple variations of this drink. For a more detailed (and extensive) recipe, follow the link:

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